Some of the services we provide to promote your book or work…

Online Publicity                             Print, Newspaper, and Magazine Media
Blog and Website Outreach   Radio, Television, and Broadcast Media
Social Media Campaigns          Speaking Events and Book Signings

Nissen PR creates targeted publicity campaigns that focus not only on the strength of each book but also on the expertise and experience of each author.  We seek to position each client as an expert source to not only promote their work but to also further establish their credibility and visibility with media.  As a creative partner, we work closely with authors and publishers and maintain a flexible and open strategy to take advantage of news events, current affairs, and emerging trends where our clients can offer their insight and expertise.

We specialize in business books and other non-fiction categories

We specialize in promoting business books and have worked with CEOs, consultants, experts, and academics from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. We also work with authors in the categories of management, finance, investing, leadership, social media, politics, current affairs, history, health, education, biography and more.

Online Publicity and Marketing

Nissen PR has extensive experience with digital media and we specialize in creating online strategies based on specific outlets – focusing on blogs, websites, and social networking sites as well as the online components of traditional print and broadcast outlets.  We connect with websites and blogs for reviews, guest posts, author interviews, excerpts and article placement, and more.

We help authors create and promote their personal Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts as well as  those specifically created for their book or project.  We understand the particular and unique requirements needed to successfully develop and implement a social media strategy and we work closely with our clients to help them harness the power of social media professionally and effectively.  Our social media campaigns are designed to not only build our client’s brand but also to generate significant publicity for their book or work.

Radio and Television Campaigns

We have extensive experience in promoting our clients to a wide range of national and regional radio, tv, and broadcast media outlets.  We work closely with producers and capitalize on news events as well as create effective pitches based on our client’s book, background, and experience. We also help our clients develop the materials they need to help secure national tv exposure including videos and press kits.

Print Campaigns

We work with newspapers, magazines, and a wide range of industry publications to secure reviews, interviews, feature stories and excerpts.  We position our clients as expert sources as well as generate coverage for their book or work.