Recent Media Placements

A few examples of the major media outlets where our authors have appeared recently…

Infectious by Achim Nowak offers Achim’s tips on surviving business dinners reviews Infectious 

Entrepreneur interviews Achim on how to be a more charismatic leader

Brand Like a Rock Star by Steve Jones features Steve Jones in its On Marketing column

Bingsop’s Fables by Stanley Bing

Stanley Bing speaks with Ron Insana on The Insana Quotient radio show

Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It by Lois P. Frankel and Carol Frohlinger

Lois Frankel and Carol Frohlinger discuss the book on “Today”

Carol Frohlinger appears on Fox News Channel “Fox & Friends” speaks with Lois Frankel on why nice girls finish last

6 Secrets to Startup Success by John Bradberry

John Bradberry speaks with on how to avoid the “passion trap”

The Next Boom by Jack Plunkett

Jack Plunkett speaks with the Chicago Tribune

Jack Plunkett speaks with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Shut Up and Say Something by Karen Friedman

Karen Friedman speaks to about the book and her work

Millennials in the Workplace by Neil Howe

Neil Howe quoted in USA Today on the Class of 2000 and Millennials

Neil Howe appears on Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the Millennial generation

Diary of a Very Bad Year by Anonymous Hedge Fund Manager

A review in The New York Times July 13, 2010

Bloomberg interviews Keith Gessen about the book

A review in the Financial Times

A review in BusinessWeek magazine

Newsweek has a q&a with the anonymous hedge fund manager

A review from The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog

An interview with the Real Story podcast

How To Relax Without Getting the Axe by Stanley Bing

ABC Stanley Bing’s book recommended as a best money book gift

An Associated Press feature on the book

Reuters features the book

Your Brain at Work by David Rock

TIME magazine features Your Brain at Work in a business book roundup

Reuters David Rock featured in article on the brain in the workplace

The Takeaway (PRI/WNYC-FM) interviews David Rock on Your Brain at Work

Fortune Small Business reviews “Your Brain at Work”

Collateral Damaged by Charles Geisst

A TIME magazine Q&A feature with Charles Geisst on “Collateral Damaged”

USA Today reviews of Collateral Damaged

NPR’s Morning Edition discusses Collateral Damaged with Charles Geisst

A q&a interview with Charles Geisst

An Associated Press interview with Charles Geisst

Room for Debate blog on NY

Charles Geisst interviewed for column